Friday, August 31, 2012

I love the Beatles, I really love them in 1960's, I love to see John stays like in that year forever. You know The Beatles, which the world called it as a legend. There are too many controversies about them, even If I stand both of with my closed ears and eyes, against the controversy, I still can realize. It is like they come through the wind, covering up your mind. I'm happy that I love Beatles. It is simply because of that. I don't want to be just too curious about their troubles, exploring their businesses and mysteries one by one. It is not because I'm afraid, but knowing their every single troubles won't change any of my attention to them, so that's useless. 

I'm a fan of Beatles, I can't say if I'm a big fan of them or not, because everything seems to be relative if you just try to explain things like, are you a bigger fan than The Beatles's other fans? what actually "big" means to people? I won't make it clear.

As a fan, I don't put more curiosity of their troubles, it might be confusing and weird, but just like what John Lennon says on the picture below, it is weird not be weird, simple as that. Thank you :)

source: Tumblr

Best Love,
Monicha N.

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