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Monday, October 14, 2013

Classy Hologram

This is the time for outfit post again, so happy finally :)! A very cool-futuristic hologram clutch I got from Kayi, click here to see their collection! and anyway I'd like to say thank you so much because these have been the 2nd time they gave me very gorgeous gifts hehe. Well, for me clutch is always classy, but for the hologram one, it is kinda different. Then, I tried to create a mixing between classic and futuristic, through the whole outfit and the clutch itself. Something classy is always wonderful for me and that's what underlying the idea. So here we go!

White shirt, Black Dress - Thrift Store, Denim top - DIY, Polkadot Scarf - DIY, Leather Bag - Thrift Store, Clutch - Kayi, Wedges - Adorable Project
There are many magical things happened these lately, and I thank God for putting a smile on my face always. Thank you for visiting! Good night!
Best love, 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Preppy Mr. Rabbit

here was my outfit when I attended the H&M's grand opening + Gogirl! Passion Expo day, the event which I told the story about on my last post yesterday. Having a deep interest about preppy chic vintage style, inspired by british street style, guided me to wear these all stuffs in one way. 

Black blazer - thrift store, knitted sweater - bandung, Denim shirt - unbranded, Khaki trousers - Giordano, Boots - MONK, Necklace - Paris Jolie.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

H&M x Gogirl!'s Crowning Day

A very delighting news that I'd like to share now is about my experience on what happened in Gandaria City last Saturday. Well, what was it about? You've known it already! yes, the 'it' brand of the year, H&M, had lied its red carpet on the ground and upper floor of Gandaria City, Jakarta. The grand opening was started at 10 o'clock in the morning and thousands of people had been in the line just to shop at the first H&M store in Indonesia. I heard about the issue that the first people counted in the line will get the shopping voucher of 1 mio, next person until 20th will get the 350K voucher, and the rest till 250th person will get 200K. I don't know either it is true or not but the spectacular fact that I know is, there had been someone who came to the store so early in the very-early morning at 2.30, that fact sealed my lips, I was just surprised. However, it is kinda interesting to see everyone in the city are getting crazy about H&M, and that's how we can see how this brand is strongly hypnotizing us :P.

So bad, I can't take and give you some pictures about that crazy moment because I was in the line also and have no concern to take any picture, I'm so sorry!

But, Saturday is not really the day for H&M only, the big event of Gogirl! Magazine was also held on that day. YES, Saturday, 5th Oct 2013, was also the day of Gogirl!'s crowning night party. Not only about the crowning night, but it was also a kind of Gogirl!'s first expo which they named it Gogirl!'s Passion Expo 2013. The event was about a workshops, competitions and of course about SALE! yes yes, there were a lot of local brands who joined the event and they sold their products cheaper than usual. I also joined the workshop of  'How to Turn Passion into Profession' included the book launching written by Kak Nina Moran                It was quite inspiring, and to be honest I dropped my tears when I heard the story about Gogirl!'s hardest and best time, and how they could face it together.

And after the workshop is over, I decided to walk around at the Skenoo Hall to choose what kind of lunch I'd like to have. Yummy! there were a lot of delicious food over there, I tasted the Puyo Pudding, Sugarush cake and the last was Sushi Rakyat, oh my happy tummy <3. I also met many gorgeous people, my another blogger fellas, and sure to take a picture together is a must!


along with Gogirl!'s Fashion Editor Kak Githa Moran and the founder of

And this was how the main show going, the Gogirl!'s crowning night, all the participants of Gogirl! Look 2013 are beautiful and smart, they are the real look of young and talented figure of girl.

Well. these are what I mean, the cute stuffs all over, followed with the great sale, then perfect!

Finally, I should say the last word about this post! Great to have a great time among great people always, turn your positivity on, be creative, be inspired, get involved and be bigger!
Good night and thank you!