Saturday, July 7, 2012


There are always a lot of stories I have on this mind, trying to blow them out here, my dearest place to share. I was lately feeling like I have been underestimated and bothered somehow, by people's way of thinking. Sometimes I'd really like to put their face up, listen to me carefully while I'm saying something like, well you saw me last night was hanging out with my guy friends on the bar, wearing skirt and boots plus doing make up, then you simply would like to state that I'm a skanky yatch, that I'm a stupid useless one. Then I just only want to hear what's the way they choose to answer. I'm litteraly sick of people who judge only from our physical appearance, our society should stop that. I'm not the one, there are surely many girls outside, speaking for this, asking what's wrong. Well. I'm not angry, I'm fine with those all. These are not a big thing for me, I'm not trying to change or fix anything, I just want to let people see.  

You never know what is inside before you try to walk on it, to see from it, to stay with it. There is nothing ever so wrong, nothing so right, we are dealing with this life, spreading the love not the haters. I always know that people are the sweethearts. There are still the magical things happen around me. I wouldn't be amazed, I know that God is always here, give me His stories, beauty within everything. 
Yap, I'm sorry if I bother you with this but thank you so much for you all who have spent your time reading this post, I'd give you a very big appreciation. Thank you once again, best regards and love, sugar! ;)

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