Saturday, October 27, 2012

After Rain

Rain is something that we can feel. It is true and real. It is a symbol and a way of all the favors of earth which come from Him through the skies, but also it is often described as sadness and loneliness. For me rain is something that is obviously able to refresh our earth from all the bad deeds, and that's beautiful I think. Pictures below were taken just about in minutes after rain, one of them was captured by my mom. I am not gonna tell you what's the meaning of the numbers, try to figure it out by your self, and I hope you'll find it interesting.


Sunday, September 30, 2012


Good night good people! I finally update the blog! I was on a very long preparation for this post, I am so sorry for the long waiting and letting this blog stayed in silent. Then here we are with the new spirit of young people. Let's chasing a desire, come on and wake up it is not even a holiday anymore!  so are you ready for it? let's jump and back to cool!! ;D

Hello! from the right : Junita, Adel, Vira, Mayang, and me :) !

this is how we say "back to cool!"
Unfortunately I cannot tell about what are the clothes we wore because, at that time we just randomly picked up the dresses and mixed it spontaneously. All my girlfriends were bringing a lot of cute stuffs and that just made me crazy about remembering the every single details of them. The shoes, the pants, the skirt, the coat, the blazer, and the tops are all gorgeous! The most thing is, vintage products are dominant as the outers also the tops, you may predict it by paying the attention on the color, detail matters, and the pattern. However, talking about the spontaneously dressing is fun! yeah, if you know what I mean ;)

and this is me! a photo which I love the most! Thank you so much for my cool friend, Bumi for taking this picture :)

Well, here are the people behind this cool projects! Say hello and welcome the team :D

I'd like to say so many thanks to my uber cool friends, especially Bumi and Eby for being really nice and professional as the photographer. Keep up the good work guys! 

Good night and thank you for reading :)


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Interview by BLURadio

Good night!
Halo, I know it is just too late for me to post any kind of entries at this time as here 01.13, but I cannot keep this silent because I just really want to say a very big thanks to BLURadio, an indie streaming radio at Jatinangor for the interview on one of their articles there. Thank you so much BLUR!

If you'd like to know more about the complete interview and how you can also see my random and silly answer, just click the link below. I answered mostly in Indonesian Language but I hope you'll still able to catch the message and enjoy for spreading up the good things! thank you :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

M for Magnum!

Magnum Cafe is located at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. If you are crazy about ice cream or chocolate, this is the great place to be visited. They have a very great taste of ice cream, like you all know about Magnum, the delicious chocolate ice cream, here is the heaven of them, but before you can enjoy your delightful time here, you have to pay some efforts. You have to wait for such a several hours to get in, because the visitors were just too many. Well, fortunately the foods are worth to wait, and also about the athmosphere there, you won't realize about the long waiting.  

This is what I ordered, the vanilla ice cream combined with the chocolate sauce and the sense of orange. It is also served with the rolled biscuits and delicious wipe cream, yum!

They are my dear friends, the girl with the blue dress is Anya, and the girl in white shirt is Manda, say hello to them :p

 and! This is the whole look of my outfit that day
Tan Blazer - ITC Mangga Dua (@Glitters), Light Purple Printed Shirt - ZARA, Necklace - Unbranded, Polkadot Skirt -  Flea  Market, Bag - Vintage (Mom's),  Shocks - Unbranded, Flat Round Tods - ITC Mangga Dua

Thank you for reading! :)

Friday, August 31, 2012

I love the Beatles, I really love them in 1960's, I love to see John stays like in that year forever. You know The Beatles, which the world called it as a legend. There are too many controversies about them, even If I stand both of with my closed ears and eyes, against the controversy, I still can realize. It is like they come through the wind, covering up your mind. I'm happy that I love Beatles. It is simply because of that. I don't want to be just too curious about their troubles, exploring their businesses and mysteries one by one. It is not because I'm afraid, but knowing their every single troubles won't change any of my attention to them, so that's useless. 

I'm a fan of Beatles, I can't say if I'm a big fan of them or not, because everything seems to be relative if you just try to explain things like, are you a bigger fan than The Beatles's other fans? what actually "big" means to people? I won't make it clear.

As a fan, I don't put more curiosity of their troubles, it might be confusing and weird, but just like what John Lennon says on the picture below, it is weird not be weird, simple as that. Thank you :)

source: Tumblr

Best Love,
Monicha N.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Inspiration Today: Photographer | Nicole L. Hill

Nicole L. Hill is a fashion photographer based out of Los Angeles. I cannot describe much about her works because as you all know a very good photo is like a good joke, you can't find any suitable word about how to explain it. One thing that I know is, I am so inspired, too much addicted to her works. I feel like she's giving me a freedom through the photos and presenting the look of the combination between the woman's beauty and nature in art. As the fashion photographer, Nicole has also been successfully showing the power of woman by her model, not only by the style they wear but also through the gesture of the expression. I have to say that I'm falling the most for this one, the tones of her works are all wonderful, they come up with a very natural way, they are strong, bold but still mild.

And here are some works from someone that I called an inspiring fashion photographer, Nicole L. Hill

Nicole ever said something that I think as a "gorgeous" tough, I just checked her Tumblr when someone asked her what's the tips to have very great colors and lights like she did on her photos, and she simply answer;
"Study Photoshop as much as you can. Photoshop is a MAGICAL tool, use it and play until you find something you like!"

That is absolutely great I think, when you can easily find many people out there who say that using Photoshop to adjust/edit the photos is like a sin in photography, but here you can see the truth that Nicole as a professional photographer has a very humble way to think about the function of Photoshop. I really appreciate her thoughts about it, for me a great photo is not about the tools or the media behind it. The most important thing in photography is the story behind the every photo we take. A great photo is when you can successfully tell everybody about the story/ message behind your photo, no matter by what and how you create it. So that, I always think there's nothing wrong about the every photos because they will always have their own stories. Well finally, I understand that the world is still free, you can agree with me or not because I never expected to bring any influence to people about my opinion here :). 

These photos above were mostly from her Facebook pages, Nicole-L-Hill-Photography. Once again, thank you so much Nicole L. Hill for being an inspiration for me and for all the people out there, keep independent and natural! and for being inspired further, you can see more from her on:

Thank you for reading!


Saturday, August 18, 2012


I don't know is there any relation or not, between this post and its title. I was only inspired by one of the Coldplay's songs, Amsterdam, because I just listened to that song while editing and uploading this post. Moreover, the song just has been repeatedly played for so many times B-), so I could remember the word "Amsterdam" very very well. Anyway, thanks Coldplay for being my life soundtrack today, and these are the whole look of my latest outfit yesterday, wearing the warmly color of trousers and my own DIY knit bag made by my dearest mom. Here we go!

Plaid Shirt - Double-Cw, Gray Cardigan- unbranded, Knit Bag- DIY, Tan Trousers - ITC Mangga Dua (@Glitters), Military Boots - CAT
God put a smile upon your face!
Thank you for reading

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This night, I only want to tell a very short story about my life these latest days, here is the picture, I was summarized the photos into one. Anyway, I'm glad to tell you that I had so much fun with my mom and my sister cooking and baking the cookies for the preparation of Lebaran! haha and I also want to tell you that I was surprisingly happy to find Loony's booth once again in Teras Kota, BSD. If you realize, you can mention those stories on the picture below :P. So, which pictures?

Monday, August 13, 2012

We'd like to drink some tea


Yesterday was a very great day for me because I could finally meet my dearest friends! After all the tired week that I have to face for all the college matters in my university, I can freely enjoy my free time now, because holidays come! now I can absolutely do all the things I want, refresh my mind, forget Bandung for a while, hehe ;p.
Yap, talking about yesterday, I enjoyed my time, the afternoon till night with my friends. We went to the european restaurant in my city, Nanny's Pavillon for the breakfasting. What's so special about yesterday are, I was finally having the quality time with the people who always successfully able to make me laugh and it would always dramatically turn to be something really special because my time for my friends is very limited. Well. these are the photos of the common things that we usualy do in such greetings. I ordered the photos randomly and this is what I mean about the common things, took the photos as much as we can ;p hehe

Much love! <3

and here is the whole look of my outfit yesterday,

Blazer - Unpad's Sunday Market, Pants - Point One, Shocks - Unbranded, Boots wedges - Bandung, Canvas Bag - Adorable Projects

Thank you and good night :)