Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fashion Blogger Gathering by Galeries Lafayette and NYLON Indonesia

Good Morning!
May you all have a happy day at all :)

Today, I'd like to tell you a very exciting story I experienced on 24th & 25th September in Galeries Lafayette, Pacific Place, Jakarta. What was it? and How was it going? It was actually a pleasureable gathering along with the 20 Indonesian fashion bloggers who had been invited by NYLON and Galeries Lafayette to join the event.

But not only a gathering, the event also provided us a very exciting moment when in the 1st day of the event, we had to compete each other first, for a styling competition. The styling competition was separated into 4 groups which every each person in the group had to choose one of the three represented style themes, those are, Smokey Rock, Mixology, and Cocktail Time. I actually did not know how was it going on my mind, when Kak Vera from Galeries Lafayette asked me what kind of style I'd like to represent, and I was just suddenly said that I choosed the Smokey Rock theme, Lol. However, either it is based on my unconcious interest or not, something which is dark and bold are going to be my addiction in these current times. I know that I've just fallen too deep in pastel coloring, and to be something which is out of my range, is sometimes very exciting. Well, unfortunately I was not able to capture a lot of good pictures for the first day because I was very busy choosing the stuffs I need, but Galeries Lafayette is such a very heavenly shopping place where you can choose the beauty and/or fashion products you need, from the luxurious fashion couture till a high-street one.

The first group (Bethany Putri, Arnold, and me) that I choosed to join with was started the competition in 10 o'clock in the morning, I always prefer to work in morning rather than at any other times, but the traffic killed my time that I just came to the place when there was only a hour left, fyuh. And this is how I style for Smokey Rock, I mostly choosed Zadig & Voltaire from top, shirt, long dress, clucth and accessories, also white blazer from Maje and a pair of leather boots to make it complete.

The 2nd day of the event was held in the evening, and we were required to give  a 4 minute presentation about the concept of the style we created. I personally feel nervous and confuse at the same time, because I have to compete all the famous and great fashion blogger, furthermore because this competition was judged by NYLON's fashion and beauty editor, Anindya Devy, Mrs. Sarah Sugandy from Galeries Lafayette, and the editor in chief of NYLON Magz Indonesia was also here! Just like 'wow' but yet exciting! I hoped I can give my best presentation as well.

Here is one of my favorite idol, Kak Genu when he was doing his presentation, he is amazing!
Judging team : Sarah Sugandy & Anindya Devy
After the presentation session was over, we were pleased to relax our selfs, to taste some delicious foods and drinks and also took a lot of photos, yes we just had a great time there :). 

The BIG thing happened when the time for winner announcement came! I just still can't believe that the judging team took me as the 2nd winner of the competition! GOD, it was really a big surprise and a big present also for me! I just can't thank enough for everything, just thank you and thank you so much for NYLON and Galeries Lafayette! <3 <3. Another 2nd winner is Tara Amelz and the 1st winner is June Paski :D!
But for me, all of the styles are super stylish and it would be very hard for the judges to decide, because all the fashion bloggers were very talented, and that's why I just still can't believe that I won hehe. Just click here to see the detail news of the event. 

with Kak Elco :D
with Tara and June
my addiction to June's platform!
Olivia and kak Genu
with kak Ario! :D
Arnold, Mitha, and Chaterine 
with Lulut :)
 And here they are all the bloggers along with the Editor in Chief of NYLON Indonesia, Mrs. Ein Halid!

After all, I'd like to say thank you once again, and I promise my self to study more and more to be better than before, thank you so much for the opportunity and thanks God for blessing me as always :)

Have a nice day
Monicha Nelis