Friday, August 9, 2013

Glorious Day!

Allahu Akbar
Ah finally, today is the 2nd day of Eid and it means that we just have reached our glorious day start from yesterday on 8th August 2013. I'm so happy for all the blessings which come around. Thank God for all the gifts and lessons that You always give to us. Eid is just such a very very beautiful day, there should be no one who still keep the sadness inside. People should be very happy and be thankful. A very beautiful day when you start your day with go out side and do Eid pray with thousand of people (even I can't count) together. It is just like a phenomenon when there are days that you can eat so many delicious food and drink as much as you want, you can meet all of your family members wearing nice clothes without exception, you can talk. laugh. take pictures, and the most important is, these are your chances to ask for an apologize to people you know, you can forgive and be forgiven too. What a very holy day :)

And because I know that I have to ask something same too, I'd like to give you a wishing card to celebrate our Eid Mubarak. This I made by myself and I shall tell that it comes from my deepest heart :) 

I wish you a blessed Eid!

So, be a better person after went through the Ramadhan is what we actually wish for, and I hope it won't be just a formal statement instead. I'm deeply hoping that we can meet again in next Ramadhan. After all the things I'd like to say sorry for all my mistakes, and may God will always with us, have a lovely day!

Thank you,
Monicha Nelis 

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