Sunday, July 3, 2011

Near Life Experiences

You see this is life. Time has been running so fast no one can stop it. People change easily. Words that have been said is a fake. You got nothing to be dreamed. You go nowhere. You hold on to nothing. You didn't get what you want. You lose your self. You can't get your feet back on your step. You've lost. Everything is not fair. You can't go through your mind. You've been controlled by something but you just don't know how. You know the way out but you just still can't get it. 

But lets see from the different side. It's hard when you know everything is not on its right place but you have to see everything is still working and it is perfect. I don't know much about this world, but I know there's a way out beside every problems. You just have to believe that God just wanna show you about something you haven't seen before. The bigger you're the bigger problem you'll get, aren't it? You'll understand something, you'll start too see everything from the different side, you'll find your way, then you'll be more you! 

This is what we called life, this is the experiences, and this is the lesson is learned. Be strong, keep in faith, and be YOU ! Stay that way!

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