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Friday, January 11, 2013

See you soon!

It is kind of hardest part this morning, I'll definitely have a long trip as the program of my college asks me to. The further condition is, I'll not be able to write regularly for my blog about more than a month, because I'll have no internet connection in place (a village at which I have to stay). That's why I'm here saying a very sorry about that. I promise to make everything better here, as soon as possible, like I always say that readers deserve the best, and I'll do my best when the time to come back home comes then I'll see you soon again!

See you on March, and I'll make it faster if it is possible, thank you so much for always paying the attention here, I do appreciate it a lot. Wish me luck then ;).

Best regards and love,
Monicha Nelis

Kedai Cafe

This is another recomendation for you who lives in Jakarta, loves the vintage things and have no where to go, do your walks to Kedai Cafe, Kemang. You'll love the foods, the atmosphere and the song lists they play there. Unfortunately I didn't took any good picture of foods we ordered, but you'll have no doubt about the taste, they were good at all.

and this is my outfit on that day

Vintage blazer- Ps. Senen, Printed T-shirt - Nevada, Skirt - Ps. Gedebage 
Thank you :)

Collaboration Style (Rainy Season): Hello Melisa!

A very good morning on Saturday! First, I'd like to say hello and thank you to all of you who has been enough waiting for me, to come up again on my blog. You know it was all because of the same thing, how I really could not manage the time, it was just too unpredictable. I feel sorry for that, I can say that leaving this blog is like leaving another part of me, how irritating. However, this morning is different, my brain is equally  working well with my mind and I feel good to write again, no matter what it were all about yesterday, I finally can post again! Yeay!

And this post is about my collaboration with my sister Melisa Nelis. It was just another quality time for us doing the styles and I think it is good to bring the results onto my blog. Well I know, all of you deserve the best and I hope this one will help you. Anyway, just never stop to be always stylish even in this rainy season, it is as simply as choosing the best sole of your shoes, hanging the cute umbrella, watching your steps and voila! Stay humble and pretty :)!

Monicha: Plaid patterned shirt - Ps. Gedebage, Light brown shirt - unbranded, Navy blue vest - Ps. Senen, Denim short - DIY, Clogs - Misyelle.
Melisa: Vintage Coat - mom's, Little Black Dress - unbranded, Denim shirt - unbarnded, Wedges - Lolita

Thank you! 
Best love,
Monicha & Melisa