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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Today's best stuff: MOM's!

I'm back again here and one thing that I really want to say now is, I do love my mom! haha yes I do and I really do :). So finally an outfit post again today. If you are asking, what is so special about today's outfit? I'll say, because I almost wear my mom's stuffs from head to toe! excitement boots up! >,<

I actually have so much things to do this lately, and did an outfit post again is such a happiness for me. Yeay! Here I wore my mom's vintage shirt (again), the pattern is actually not one of my favorite but I was just interested trying that one. I feel like this is not me,  but when I putted a scarf (again :p) as a bow on my neck, it is turned to be a little bit like me hehe. So here we go with the style, hope you'll love it :)

BUT anyway! I just want to ask some wishes, because in a short time from now I'll face my final examination of this 6th semester, and I will be possibly busy and definitely crazy (hope not), those pile of tasks are haunting me behind haha. After all just wish me luck and I'd  really love to thank you all for that :)!

Knitted bowler hat - mom's, Vintage coat- mom's , Patterned shirt - mom's, Bag - Mall Ambasador (Jakarta),  Basic jeans - ZARA, Boots - DFBM

And yes that's all for this afternoon, see you again and have a great Saturday!

Thank you,

Sunday, May 5, 2013

High and Dry

I'm listening to High and Dry by Radiohead now, nothing more but I just want to share, that's all. I also like to say goodnight to all the people around the world, it seems special because I rarely do this thing lately hehe. Well goodnight, see you again another day on the brighter once. Never give up on life, that's all I can say. Everything is still possible cause you'll never know what God has planned for you. One thing for sure is, it will be the best, no matter how hard the things are. Then, goodnight.

Leopard legging - vintage, Boots - MONK

Another Vintage Feeling: Pink Vintage Trousers

Hello again!

How’s your weekend anyway? Well I know that some of you might be bored with all of your routines and going on a vacation to somewhere spending the time was only the best choice to do! However  I wasn’t doing the same thing this time. What I was doing is just staying at home. I always love to do a lot of things at my “home time” because as you know that it is kinda hard for me to be at home nowadays. As a student who lives in a dorm house which is so far away from home, do things I can’t do in there is just like another kind of happiness. I was really happy I could cook, helped my mom to clean the house, had that stupid jokes with my brother, told my sister a lot of stories,  watched Moto GP together with my dad (FINALLY!), did some exercises, and lately edited outfit post again!

What is so special about the outfit? The answer is, my mom’s pink trousers! The trousers is so vintage and chic and I fall in love with it just in sudden! I mixed it with a vintage patterned blazer and a classic white shirt then I putted a scarf just to make it complete. Here is how the style works!

Patterned blazer - Vintage, White shirt - Unbranded, Scarf - Mom's, Pink trousers - vintage (mom's), Black boots - MONK

And I'm just so excited to hear what you all think about this style, I hope you love it! Thank you :)

Monicha <3