Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Good night! Wow it is a very great feeling I have just now! I've just done some of the assignments and get some free times for blogging. I mean this is just very seldom for me and thank you God I can do it :") haha. Well, this time I'd like to share about the new stuff that I currently got. Yes this stuff is actually the new endorsement in my current time. This is actually a pair of gorgeous clogs and I'm so happy to get this one stuff, because I just love all the details on it. The clogs is a handmade clogs and what makes it so special is, its signature material. It was made from the leather called Nobuck leather. This kind of leather has many good points as the material for shoes. One of the good points is,this leather is stronger than the other leather and it gives a very comforting feeling when I wear it. It is called Athena, red colored and that is one thing of perfection! Thank you so much for the loveliest Kayi Store for giving me this pair of clogs! Kayi Store is basically based on Bandung. Anyway, they not only produce this kind of stunning shoes but just go to their Instagram - @kayistore then you can also spot a very gorgeous handmade clutch there. Well, If you are getting curious about how the look is, then here they are exclusively I serve for you!

This is the closer look of the clogs, you can see that the leather is really soft and like what I said before, it is red and so gorgeous! Beside the leather, another good point is, the height of heels is not really high. Yes you don't need to worry anymore about getting hurt or tired when you are walking with this clogs, I mean it is very comfortable! another thing that I love from this clogs is, how this clogs is surprisingly worked out the vintage feeling on it. Do you know women in the era of 60's-70's wear clogs as the most fashionable shoes at that time? Yes that's exactly how I feel. The red color and the low heels are the most significant.  

and yes finally here are the whole look of me wearing the clogs. These are the portraits of a girl who is a thrift store lover with all of her thrift store stuffs as usual >,< , tadaaa!

There is a little story about the necklace, the cute little camera that is hanging on my neck. I remember I ordered this necklace a long time ago when I was still in high school, it was around 2008/2009. This kind of necklace was the most popular necklace at that time. I do really remember all of my girlfriends were so crazy about the necklace. There were a lot of them who ordered it for more than one necklace. I do not know how it feels like, but one thing for sure is, I know they just can't handle their desire of buying all cute stuffs, seems that everything was overloaded :)). Well it is kinda funny and I miss all things in high school. Everything were so fine and everything were so simple. For my sweet high school memory, I may quote this one "Let's go crazy crazy till we see the sun!" hahaha! Well you know it is One Direction's. LOL forget about that... :p

Hat - Mom's, White collared shirt - Bandung, Knitted top - Pasar. Gedebage, Camera necklace - made by order, Lace skirt - Pasar Senen, Grey tights - Panty House,  Clogs - Kayi Store

And thank you so much for reading! keep kindly visiting my blog for the entries, I will always try my best and I love you guys, like always. Have a nice day! <3

Best love,


  1. nice shoes. and look so vintage!

  2. cute outfit, really like how you layered and styled everything together. love the vintage vibe of this look too and lovely blog as well. would love it if we could keep in touch and perhaps follow each other on GFC? please feel free to check out my blog and let me know if you'd like to.