Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Baby Blue! Another Vintage Look

I need to say once again that to wear various kind of vintage stuffs is a way of fun! Yes, because I always do that and I feel like knowing the real me. For me, vintage is a kind of gorgeous, sexy, and addictive. I never have a doubt to wear vintage clothes, either it is a skirt, shirt, blazer, coat, dress, or maybe the leather belt one. Vintage is a product which was produced in a past and still has the ability to be sold as a qualified product in present. The products are not only going to fashion industry but of course I'll be just focused on that one thing here. The price for each of vintage clothes is very various, it is based on the material and sometimes only based on the seller. In Indonesia there are two great places or maybe I should call it heaven for you the thrift shopper. Pasar Senen (Jakarta) and Pasar Gedebage (Bandung) are the two main candidates! I am quite sure there is only a few or even no people do not know where the place are because those two thrifting stores are just tremendously popular.

Talking about thrifting, normally people will have many opinions and argumentation. This is clearly because some of them may think that to buy the used clothes is not the recommended one. However just don't care about the risks, just be a smart thrifting shopper and you'll get that fabulous look!

I’m back again here with the new update about outfit post. This one is my favorite, the mixing of blazer and skirt, my favorite way of styling an outfit. The combination of stripes pattern and the baby blue color is completed with a vintage plaid patterned blazer. I love all the things about the outfit, the color and the material is well combined. I feel like a little girl, really! To wear stuffs which are so lovely, makes you feel happier than before. For me to be a lady is like always being a little girl, there’ll always that another side of you.

All I got from the thrifting stores except the shoes!

just imagine, it would be really nice if there's such a cute balloon like what I draw in the picture above :p. 

Plaid blazer - Ps. Gedebage, Stripes shirt - Ps. Senen, Leather belt - Ps. Gedebage, Blue skirt - Ps. Gedebage, Ring necklace - DIY, Shoes - Bandung

Well. you may call me the queen of thrifting or whatever, it is just fun and I will always say yes to go thrifting over and over again! ;) and for you who haven't tried this one, I have to say that you SHOULD, because there's still a lot of unexplored treasures waiting for you! Yeay happy thrifting!

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  1. Hello Kak! What a cool post. you got here You got really cool pics and a stunning style! I love your skirt It looks good on you :D
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    1. Hello Diaz!
      Wow I'm so happy to see you here on my blog! Thank you so much for the appreciation :). Your style is just that great too and sure, I'd love to put you up to be one of my favorite reading list, thank you once again <3

      warm regards,

  2. Hi Monicha! Kalo ke Bandung trus ke pasar gedebage, ajak-ajak dong ya.. Rumah aku deket situ.. Tapi aku ga pernah nemu barang yang cuco karna aku gabisa milih hiks. Hope we can be friends ��

    Salam kenal