Here , there and everywhere

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


yes I'm feeling 21 now! I just had my birthday on 23 April, yesterday. I'm older and maturer now. I have to fix so many things inside an outside me from now on. Just to let you know that my feeling were mixed complicatedly before I reached this age. It may just my mind which was working out too hard. I was thinking too much about getting older and be more responsible ,about what would I be and how my life would be in the future. It made me a little bit tired because using brain logically today seems to be one of the hardest things to do haha :p!

However, after a long long time thinking and realizing about everything in my surroundings, I always came up with one conclusion. This life full of those heartbreaking. You'll get to be ached over and over again just in one short lifetime. But well this is life, wake up and just continue your journey because to be fixed and fix are the beautiful things to do. Because your times are just separated in many parts, sometimes everything are sucks but most of them have a sense of making you stronger and wiser. I know that God knows, I learn, I always keep learning about this life. All the pains will make sense to you someday. I believe there is nothing useless. One point is, I love God and I thank God for letting me have such a wonderful and beautiful life. My words will never be enough to show how blessed I am. Thank you, I'm 21 now :)!


  1. Happy 21st birthday to you then :) please continue your posting as well as always
    me, shall support you from behind and invisible as always too~
    Congrats for being grown up girl once more, mon ;)now you're a lady

    1. Thank you so much! I don't even know who you are but I do appreciate you a lot. Thanks for supporting me always and I hope I'll know about you soon, thanks for the wishes :D