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Saturday, March 30, 2013


HELLO! wow it is just too amazing for me to start and come back again here! I can't never express how I miss blogging a lot. come on and just see my new story here. I'd like to introduce you my dearest brand from  friend of mine, here is this Soniya ! I have taken a pictures of its products and would love to share with you all here. Soniya is the clothing line which comes up with word 'ethnic' as its typical design characteristic. You can see that easily as the pattern which is used, describes its ethnic character stunningly. I was really glad to help Sonia Sabrina Sarah (my high school friend), the owner of Soniya, in promoting her brand and tell everyone about how good it is. Don't forget to check out her store on the Instagram- @soniyacl and here are the photos :)

Plain white Shirt - Soniya, Trousers - Soniya, Bow Clogs - Adorable Projects

Collar neklace - Soniya

Black shit - Soniya, Patterned Skirt - Soniya

I wore Soniya's black shirt here and combine it with my stuffs. 
detail : Unbranded knitted cardigan as outer, black vintage blazer - Ps. Senen, denim vest - Ps. Gedebage, Vintage patterned skirt - Ps. Gedebage, bag - Mall Ambasador, Boots - Custom made in Bandung

Casual leather material collar shirt - Soniya, Skirt - Soniya

Photos above are the mix and match do and I hope you guys will love it, thanks a lot happy long weekend!

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