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Saturday, October 27, 2012

After Rain

Rain is something that we can feel. It is true and real. It is a symbol and a way of all the favors of earth which come from Him through the skies, but also it is often described as sadness and loneliness. For me rain is something that is obviously able to refresh our earth from all the bad deeds, and that's beautiful I think. Pictures below were taken just about in minutes after rain, one of them was captured by my mom :). I am not gonna tell you what's the meaning of the numbers, try to figure it out by your self, and I hope you'll find it interesting :)


Friday, October 26, 2012

How I love Thrifting!

Once again I'd like to tell you about the biggest treasure in fashion, I mean the thrift stores! haha yeah they are heaven of clothes, just so easy to find and have a very affordable price of vintage clothing. I am so happy that our country has some great places for thriftily shopping, such as Pasar Senen and Pasar Gedebage, and also a lot of other great stores that I might haven't known before. Then let's go with the style! :D

Anyway, my shoes are from Adorable Projects my favorite online shoes store, you have to go to their website and see their collections! I guarantee you'll be fallen for all the shoes just in sudden! :p go check check!

Hat - Mom's, Vintage Blue Shirt - Pasar Gedebage, Vintage Dress - Pasar Gedebage, Floral Bag - Pink Label, Clogs - Adorable Projects

Sunday, October 14, 2012

This is Black and VIntage

Good morning Monday :)
I'm having such a good brain this morning, because this is not same with the usual, writing on a blog this early haha. Well, unfortunately I do not have many times to be here though I really want it badly, because I have to go to my campus in 10, God.. how I always hate being busy when I just need a very little of my free time.. but yeah that does not matter, this is all about the responsibilities. right?

Yap, and a very big sorry for all my dearest friends for not holding and posting the entry on this blog constantly. I know that you deserve the worth, and I'll do my best to make it the best, promise! :) because I just love you all :*

Well, sweet heart, here I'd like to share my personal style using all the real vintage products, the real products which were produced in a very past time, and still in a very good condition to wear. I choose the black dress because I feel so classy when I wore that dress, the white shirt as the top is a great choose I think, because as everybody knows, the color combination of black and white is always nice! So, this is how the style works, hope you will love it! :)

Necklace - unbranded, Vintage White Shirt - Psr. Gedebage, Vintage Black Dress - Psr. Gedebage, Vintage Black Clucth - Grandma's, Grey Tights - Panty House, Flat Shoes - Vira's :p

The additional information is.... I did this style when I and my friends actually were doing a photo session, like what I told before on my last post, hihi ;)
Okay, I sadly have to say that this is goodbye for today, thank you for reading and see you on my next post!
Thank you thank you thank you :D

Best Love,

Thursday, October 4, 2012

This is WIZARD

Good night everybody! Here I'd like to tell you about how happy I was for being asked to be a model for the needs of my friend's clothing line. This is WIZARD, a young and talented brand for young people. In this photo I wore a raglan shirt and the material of the shirt is very comfortable. If you want to know more about WIZARD just simply by clicking this link of their website 

Beside that you can also find their products at :
Rocket Project store, Jl. Lamandau IV/8, Barito, South Jakarta, Indonesia. 

And just keep in touch with them on twitter: @WZRD_wear 

Thank you WIZARD, thank you everybody! :D

Raglan Shirt - WIZARD, Ripped Black Jeans - Cheap Monday, Suede Bag - Psr. Gasibu, Military Boots - CAT