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Sunday, October 14, 2012

This is Black and VIntage

Good morning Monday :)
I'm having such a good brain this morning, because this is not same with the usual, writing on a blog this early haha. Well, unfortunately I do not have many times to be here though I really want it badly, because I have to go to my campus in 10, God.. how I always hate being busy when I just need a very little of my free time.. but yeah that does not matter, this is all about the responsibilities. right?

Yap, and a very big sorry for all my dearest friends for not holding and posting the entry on this blog constantly. I know that you deserve the worth, and I'll do my best to make it the best, promise! :) because I just love you all :*

Well, sweet heart, here I'd like to share my personal style using all the real vintage products, the real products which were produced in a very past time, and still in a very good condition to wear. I choose the black dress because I feel so classy when I wore that dress, the white shirt as the top is a great choose I think, because as everybody knows, the color combination of black and white is always nice! So, this is how the style works, hope you will love it! :)

Necklace - unbranded, Vintage White Shirt - Psr. Gedebage, Vintage Black Dress - Psr. Gedebage, Vintage Black Clucth - Grandma's, Grey Tights - Panty House, Flat Shoes - Vira's :p

The additional information is.... I did this style when I and my friends actually were doing a photo session, like what I told before on my last post, hihi ;)
Okay, I sadly have to say that this is goodbye for today, thank you for reading and see you on my next post!
Thank you thank you thank you :D

Best Love,

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