Saturday, September 1, 2012

M for Magnum!

Magnum Cafe is located at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. If you are crazy about ice cream or chocolate, this is the great place to be visited. They have a very great taste of ice cream, like you all know about Magnum, the delicious chocolate ice cream, here is the heaven of them, but before you can enjoy your delightful time here, you have to pay some efforts. You have to wait for such a several hours to get in, because the visitors were just too many. Well, fortunately the foods are worth to wait, and also about the athmosphere there, you won't realize about the long waiting.  

This is what I ordered, the vanilla ice cream combined with the chocolate sauce and the sense of orange. It is also served with the rolled biscuits and delicious wipe cream, yum!

They are my dear friends, the girl with the blue dress is Anya, and the girl in white shirt is Manda, say hello to them :p

 and! This is the whole look of my outfit that day
Tan Blazer - ITC Mangga Dua (@Glitters), Light Purple Printed Shirt - ZARA, Necklace - Unbranded, Polkadot Skirt -  Flea  Market, Bag - Vintage (Mom's),  Shocks - Unbranded, Flat Round Tods - ITC Mangga Dua

Thank you for reading! :)


  1. emang enak banget tau ka di magnum cafe tuh, apalagi wafflenya nyum nyum :-9

    1. haha iya ras, tapi ngantrinya itu loh..... ya setimpal sama rasa kok ya :3