Monday, August 13, 2012

We'd like to drink some tea


Yesterday was a very great day for me because I could finally meet my dearest friends! After all the tired week that I have to face for all the college matters in my university, I can freely enjoy my free time now, because holidays come! now I can absolutely do all the things I want, refresh my mind, forget Bandung for a while, hehe ;p.
Yap, talking about yesterday, I enjoyed my time, the afternoon till night with my friends. We went to the european restaurant in my city, Nanny's Pavillon for the breakfasting. What's so special about yesterday are, I was finally having the quality time with the people who always successfully able to make me laugh and it would always dramatically turn to be something really special because my time for my friends is very limited. Well. these are the photos of the common things that we usualy do in such greetings. I ordered the photos randomly and this is what I mean about the common things, took the photos as much as we can ;p hehe

Much love! <3

and here is the whole look of my outfit yesterday,

Blazer - Unpad's Sunday Market, Pants - Point One, Shocks - Unbranded, Boots wedges - Bandung, Canvas Bag - Adorable Projects

Thank you and good night :)


  1. Hey darling,

    great pics, you look so sweet!

    Im following on google!

    I would like to share my blog with you, i hope you will follow back if you like it.

    xoxo LLD

    1. Hello sugar!

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

      I visited your blog too and you have an awesome blog, sure I already followed you back :)

      Best love!

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  3. Hi! U r very pretty and I love your style! Very very awesome outfits you got there. U might wanna follow my blog too :)

    1. Hey beauty! ah thank you so much for visiting my blog, I visited you too and I was impressed by your DIY style, sure I follow you sugar, thank you! :)

  4. REALLY cute blog!!! Found it on ifb. Please do follow back :)

    1. Hello Sienna! wow thanks a lot dear, it is a pleasure :)

      sure I follow you too :D