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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The ice cream fever

Whoops! This is what I mean about ice cream, the sweetest drug ever!  I didn't know how that pink and blue could give me a lot of inspirations here. They just suddenly reminded me about the Baskin Robbins ice cream :p. Anyway, these color are my favorite. It gave me such a description about the feminine side of girls which came from the taste of an ice cream. I know it was a little bit strange, but yeah we have to admit that they have a very close and tight relationship, like understanding each other, so girls do you agree with me? ;)

Printed Cardigan - Ps. Senen, White Dress as a top - Unbranded, Blue Skirt - Ps. Senen,  Belt -  Cocopink
Bag - Ps. Senen

Sweet and romantic

Goodnight! ;)

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