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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Green Meets Orange, Hello Spring!

Assalammuallaikum :)

Wow, how're you doing guys? how's the holiday? you guys enjoy it? of course yes! because it is spring already! Flowers are everywhere, very relaxing.  It doesn't good that I haven't sent any post for such a long time, really sorry for the inconvenience. I always hope that the unlimited Internet connection will come to me very soon, so I can easily share my every story. I enjoy my routines as usual, day by day has always been interesting for me, there are still so much works that I have to do, but yeah I won't take care of it because I just need to clear my head for a while.

So my dearest friends, are you ready for spring? Just show the world your most beautiful way of how to dress, smell the atmosphere and say hello to the good time, happy holiday :)!

This is the look of the day

Vintage Collar Shirt - Ps. Senen, Green Loose Dress - Unbranded, Orange Maxi Skirt - Ps. Gedebage, Vintage Black Purse (Guchi) - Ps. Senen, Clogs - Misyelle

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