Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Winter, Will You Ever Come? ♥

The season has changed, welcome rainy day, I found that I could not figure out what was that, when the feeling from wondered by the winter's dreamer came in sudden. It was just like a little girl who believes in Santa, well I believe in winter will come someday, haha just does not matter.

Yap this is what I did to make my dream a little bit come true, winter, see you someday :)

Hello winter 

Shawl as a headpiece - Accent, Snowflake Knit - Unpad's Sunday Market, Belt - Cocopink


  1. I do love winter, but in fact in Indonesia there is no that season :( sad. I love your lovely blog and your great photos :)

    White Honeyr

  2. yaa, how sad it is :(, thnks for visiting my blog, I do love ur nicely blog, thanks, great to know you :)

  3. just dropping by and leaving a comment, nice post, nice banner, nice blog hope u'll visit my blog too :D

  4. thanks for visiting my blog here, terima kasih byk utk komentar nya, baik segera, just share ur blog :)