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Monday, October 17, 2011

Brown Coat

Assalamualaikum, Morning people :)

Here we go again, I finally post something, sorry for the limited Internet access that I'm depended on, but well this was my look several days ago when I got nothing to do at that time except there was such a good reason for me to take the picture, here is this, my self and my most favorite coat so far.

I got the square gold one on !ncreamnia ,
and three others in Ciwalk, Bandung

Shawl as a headband - Accent, Little White Dress as a top - Unbranded, Belt - Cocopink, Floral Lace Skirt - Pasar Senen, Long Brown Coat - Unpad's Sunday Market, Shocks - Unbranded, Shoes - Quinna

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