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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Do you ever feel so afraid of losing something? yes it is me now.

the boy who can't see my light on him, he never realized it.
I'm the one who will always waiting for him, wanting him back, watching his every step everyday, pray for him when every time i start my day, never gonna let him fall down, I'm trying so hard for lifting him up, build up every little thing that is broken, never gonna leave him alone.
I'll always try to have a strength to forgive his every mistakes. But he? he'll always be there for her, never for me, yes always her.... and I don't know why.

and i can't, i never can, but i have to and always have to be. I'll be strong. I'll be good. I'll be great. I'll be alright.

here, i don't ever have a chance, got lost in his eyes, he's blind, blind in me, he never see me just like the way i see him. But i cry, cry for him.

but once again i realized, there's too much love i have,too deep, too hard, too honest.                                                                                          and once again i say, i can't, i never can to hurt him. See? I'm afraid but its ok.

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