Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Livin in the park

Good night universe, i know it is too late for me to post here, but well i don't care hehe, my mood is controlling me now, i just don't want to disturb you with a lot of words for this several times, so that i will post more photos for next next next and next time haha, this is the one of my hobbies, do a photo shot, soooooooo hereee weee gooooo! these are the photos, enjoy it we are living in the park ;)

                                           this one is my favorite <3

                                           well, we wish her was here

Livin in the Park, Location : Taman Kota 2, BSD City
yes thats all, i really miss that time, thank you so much for watching, good night


  1. Good view, Right Object.
    Good Night Too.

    just for fun: "Name of this blog is flying bird, but now replace with black bird, maybe tomorrow be a blue bird"


  2. Lovely pictures! You guys are so cute!! xoxoxoo

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